Hurricane Assistance by the numbers

Updated March 15, 2019

As of this date, all of the disaster relief checks have been mailed.

Updated February 28, 2019

On Wednesday, September 26, NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation published our disaster relief application for mortgage or rental assistance.  The response for mortgage and rental assistance in the wake of the storm exceeded expectations.  For this reason, NC REALTORS® imposed a deadline for new applications of Wednesday, October 31, by 5 pm EDT.

As of October 31, more than 1,600 applications had been received.

Statistics updated February 28, 2019:

  • Total mortgage or rental assistance approved through February 28, 2019:  $803,801.79
  • Total number of families approved for assistance:  830
  • Total assistance mailed by February 28, 2019:  $803,801.79
  • Total assisted budgeted:  $800,000

Note:  The numbers above do not reflect reconciliation.  The Housing Foundation Board may, at its discretion, deem to cover any overage that may exist after reconciliation.

Assistance originally budgeted through NAR’s REALTOR® Relief Fund ($500,000) and NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation ($50,000):  $550,000

On Nov. 30, the Housing Foundation announced that $100,000 worth of individual donations have been received and are earmarked for victims.  The NC REALTORS® Executive Committee also announced the release of up to $150,000 in funds to bridge the gap in need for victims.  This brings the total assistance budgeted to $800,000.

We want to thank our Disaster Trustees who work in the field with those impacted as well as our Critical Communication Team members who call applicants daily.  You will find the names of these community leaders below.

Disaster Trustees

  • Elaine Anderson
  • Bob Bates
  • Nancy Brown
  • Gail Clements
  • Jamie Cooper
  • Wendy Harris
  • Deb Hays
  • Edie Caudill Lindsey
  • Mark Lindsey
  • Jennifer Pennell
  • Jody Wainio
  • Rosemary Waters
  • Patrice Willetts
  • Tammy Troop
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Alec Wren
  • Kathy Wood

Critical Communication Team

  • Jen Bell
  • Kelly Benton
  • Olita Boone
  • Nancy Brown
  • Jane Cavanagh
  • Angelina Corroo
  • Sofia Crisp
  • Coleen Curtis
  • Genetta Gray
  • Deb Hays
  • Heather Moore
  • Robin Morgan
  • Sandra O’Connor
  • Amanda Parmer
  • Shashi Patel
  • Ruby Smith
  • Kathy Trimble
  • Teresa Pitt