Closing Contribution

Show Clients You Care By Making a Closing Contribution

Set yourself apart from the competition and show clients that you really care about your community by making a contribution to NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation in their names. Some REALTORS® and housing industry partners have committed a certain amount for each of their closings; others make a contribution as a closing gift. Either way, your clients will see that you are an ardent supporter of helping those less fortunate in your community achieve the dream of homeownership.

When you enroll in the closing contribution program, NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation will provide you with customized, high-quality certificates to use in your listing presentations and to present to your clients at the closing table. You decide how much you want to donate per closing and when you want to make the donation. Some REALTORS® send their contributions after each closing, some send them quarterly and a handful remit them at the end of the year.

Participating in the closing contribution program is a small gesture that makes a big impression on clients and prospective clients. And getting started is easy. Just complete the Enrollment Form and email it to Michael McKinney at