NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation License Plate

Get the License Plate that Supports Housing Affordability!

Bruce Williams with his Homes4NC License PlateEvery NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation license plate increases housing opportunities throughout North Carolina. $20 of the special fee comes back to NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation as a charitable contribution. We turn these contributions into grants to organizations that help hardworking families with their housing needs.

Why get a plate?

  • Supports affordable housing with an automatic, annual $20 contribution.
  • Supports the business you’re in.
  • The personal message builds your image.

Where are they available?

You can purchase a NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation license plate at any NC Dept. of Motor Vehicles license plate office or on its website.

How do I purchase a plate online?

To find information on the DMV website, search for the “NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation” plate in the alphabetical list. Once you pull-up the NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation license plate, you can purchase and personalize the plate online. To purchase a plate, you’ll need to have your current vehicle registration info handy.

For a quicker checkout, go directly to this DMV page.