What we do

Vision:  North Carolina REALTORS® are the leading voice for strong communities and housing affordability for all.

Mission: NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation, a charitable foundation, provides housing opportunities through education and community-based initiatives including disaster relief.


Founded in 2004 by North Carolina REALTORS®, NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides resources to create, expand and encourage home ownership opportunities for deserving North Carolinians.  The foundation promotes awareness of affordable housing issues by educating North Carolinians and their representatives about the barriers to home ownership and the resources needed to increase housing affordability.

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation also provides emergency disaster relief for victims who have lost their home through a natural disaster.  We raise funds from caring donors who want to build stable families and stable communities in our state.

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of REALTORS® and housing-related industry professionals.

Numerous volunteers also give their time and talents to make a lasting contribution in their local communities.

How we help

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation certifies REALTORS® as Workforce Housing Specialists so that these real estate professionals can better understand the important issues and economic barriers facing those entering the housing market.

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation provides resources to housing organizations that assist first-time homebuyers, the homeless, families in crisis, victims of natural disasters and more. Our programs focus on those critical workers — such as teachers, firefighters and nurses – who don’t earn enough to afford the average-priced home in the community they serve.

Since we began in 2004, NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation’s total impact measures in excess of $ 1.1 million in community investment across the state. This includes these outstanding programs:

  • $300,000+ for housing assistance to victims of Hurricane Matthew flooding (2016-2017) in conjunction with the REALTOR® Relief Fund
  • $5,000+ for REALTOR® member flooding victims from Hurricane Matthew
  • $19,000 for disaster relief (before 2017)
  • $96,000 in down payment assistance
  • $21,000 in Regional Project Grants.  With an additional estimated $35,000 in REALTOR® product and service contributions, the combined impact of NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation investment comes to $56,000.
  • $323,510 in Matching Grants to 63 organizations.  Together with local REALTOR® contributions, this program represents an investment of $647,020 in communities throughout our entire state.

These contributions aid families whose lives have been dramatically improved and children who will attain more in life because they have a stable home. Make your secure, online donation today or learn how you can help by participating in one of our many programs.

Contact us

If you have a question about NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation, please contact Michael McKinney, Housing Foundation Director, at 336-294-1415 ext. 160 or mmckinney@ncrealtors.org.